The Jarmak Corporation offers premium reclaimed lumber and beam stock material in a variety of thicknesses, widths, and lengths to suit all your building needs. If you’re stumped trying to find the best reclaimed wood for your project, contact us. We’re here to help!


We stock premium quality antique timbers, floor joists, and decking salvaged from a historic buildings throughout the Northeast. Due to it’s extraordinary character and age, all of our material will have imperfections typically associated with reclaimed wood such as checks, wains, splits, nail/worm holes, etc.


Our large inventory of reclaimed lumber and beams is constantly being updated with the highest quality select native reclaimed hardwood and softwood species, including: reclaimed chestnut, reclaimed oak, reclaimed maple, reclaimed heart pine, reclaimed fir, reclaimed spruce, reclaimed redwood and more!

If you don’t see what you’re looking for today, contact us for the latest additions.


New England Softwoods

Our popular antique surface, or “dirty face” as we like to call them, Native New England softwood boards. Taken from 3×8, 3×10, and 3×12 antique spruce, fir, white pine, and hemlock timbers that have aged for over 100 years, this vintage look comes in varying thickness boards and random widths from 3″-12″. The “dirty face” is the original exposed face of the timber.

Mystic Seaport Museum & Charlestown Naval Yard Oak

One hundred and fifty pieces of what we call Constitution Oak were sourced in Charlestown Mass at the former Naval Shipyard. These live oak and white oak beams have a provenance like no other wood (see Dendrochronological evaluation). Harvested in the mid 1800’s, these oak beams were weighted with granite and then submerged in a salt water pond at the Charlestown Naval Yard. They were used when a US Naval vessel needed repair. Some pieces still have visible inventory markings.  This wood is filled with New England history!

Vintage Oak

We have thousands of feet of vintage 2″ thick, reclaimed barn oak in varying widths from 4″-10″ to suit any and all building applications. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our all of our premium quality wood in the form that suits your needs, from raw reclaimed stock, to re-sawn dimensional kiln-dried lumber, and premium finished surfaces.

New England Spruce

We’re  proud to offer the finest reclaimed Native Spruce recovered from aging industrial buildings in New England. We have saved thousands of feet of these original antique face 3×8, 3×10, and 3×12 timbers that have spent the last 125 years of their life as structural joists: overseeing the rise and fall of America’s industrial era in New England.

Reclaimed Redwood

Harvested from a defunct water tank at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire, this is the highest grade of redwood lumber we’ve seen around. The raw material is available as 3×8 stock in lengths from 4-12 feet on average, with a small percentage of longer lumber up to 20 feet. This premium reclaimed lumber would be great to use in any exterior application like decks, porches, pergolas, stairs, and more.

Antique Heart Pine

Premium quality No.2 and better antique heart pine timbers, floor joists, and decking salvaged from a historic buildings throughout the Northeast. Material will have imperfections typically associated with reclaimed wood such as checks, wains, splits, nail/worm holes, etc.

Antique Fir Timbers

These gorgeous antique fir timbers have been salvaged from all over New England. Unpainted and dense grained, these old growth timbers are available in 20 foot lengths. They are perfect for timber frames, or home and office additions where the original antique surface is exposed.

The Jarmak Corporation is proud to work with local communities to bring the highest quality reclaimed wood products to market, promoting sustainable building products and businesses.

Our lumberyard, wood shop, and showroom is just a 15 minute drive from downtown Worcester, Massachusetts, and an hour outside of Boston. There you can catch a wonderful glimpse of our process to save beautiful, historic, premium reclaimed wood. It’s also a great place to be inspired and grab a few samples to take home.

Many of our high-end commercial and residential reclaimed wood products are crafted by hand by our network of fine woodworkers across the country. We encourage everyone to visit us to better understand the process and selection of our premium reclaimed building materials.


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