Antique Heart Pine | Character

Let us create a beautiful, long-lasting custom floor from our premium quality, old- growth antique heart pine timbers. Choosing to use high quality reclaimed flooring takes thoughtful consideration. Contact us today to discuss your reclaimed flooring needs with one of our reclaimed lumber professionals. We’ll explain step by step the best way to get the right reclaimed floor for you!

Antique Heart Pine | CVG

This is our specialty for close to two decades! Southern Longleaf Yellow pine, pitch pine, hard pine or old growth pine are all names for our very popular Heart Pine flooring. Named because of the high content of heart wood, Heart Pine is different from other pines because of the tight ring growth pattern and its unique red -amber color. The clear vertical grain grade is one of our most popular selling floors, because of its beauty, strength, and of course, it’s history!

Reclaimed Heart Pine

We have reclaimed this flooring from Coburn Hall, which was the first building of the University Of Massachusetts, Lowell. This historic location was built and opened in 1897, and is still used for classes today. We have re-manufactured with perfect machining for a like new fit. Tongue & Groove and professionally finished.

Reclaimed Barn Oak Fence Flooring

Seen here being used as wall cladding, this mix of red, white and black Oak is incredibly versatile. The knots and varying grain patterns make this a great choice for flooring or as a wall accent. This flooring is available in a 5″ width.

50/50 Oak Flooring

Tongue & Groove mixed width Red & White Oak flooring. The skip planing of this particular flooring ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike. Perfect for flooring or as wall cladding.

Maple Factory Flooring

Our Maple factory flooring is now available in three finishes! Reclaimed from the King Philip Mill in Fall River, MA, and then remanufactured into tongue & groove flooring, this maple is available in 3 finishes, each highlighting it’s historic character. Rustic Face, Skip-planed, and Clean Face ¾”x3″ Random Width

How can we help?

You’ve been thinking about using reclaimed wood in an upcoming building project, but don’t know where to start… give us a shout! We can walk you through the process and help you choose the right reclaimed wood to get the job done on time and under budget. We welcome all customers from designers and contractors to DIY enthusiasts. We service all of New England, and ship nationwide! 




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