More and more people understand the benefit of natural products in their homes and workspaces. Our reclaimed wood products create environmentally responsible interior and exterior spaces, and inspire with their warmth, beauty, history,  and character. We are located in Massachusetts, minutes from the Connecticut border, and serve all of New England!

It’s about a STORY.

The Jarmak Corporation offers a level of service to the highest standard, with competitive pricing, and an inventory that is continuously updated and stocked. Vintage reclaimed wood is what we know and love, and we can’t wait to share it’s story with you! It was more than twenty years ago when our founder, Arnold Jarmak, while working with the Amish in Pennsylvania, noticed how they saved EVERYTHING when tearing down their buildings. The concept of material re-use was particularly foreign to the building industry at that time (outside of the Amish), but to Arnie, it made all the sense in the world. Saving building materials meant saving time, resources, and money. Since then, The Jarmak Corporation has been at the forefront of the reclamation industry.

A wealth of HISTORY.

The majority of the reclaimed wood we save is in the form of large and often historic timbers, joists, decking and flooring from industrial buildings across the country. We have saved tens of millions of board feet of vintage, and often historic lumber to share with our customers, ensuring that the legacy of this beautiful old wood will continue for generations to come. We are passionate about our work and our products, because we’re not just selling old wood- we’re sharing a piece of history.

And a sense of PRIDE. 

We are an experienced business with a great sense of personal service and understand that our success is built through the relationships we have with our clients. It is our goal to understand what types of reclaimed wood our clients buy so we can directly offer this material. We make sure we stay in contact with news and industry updates, because at the Jarmak Corporation, we pride ourselves on offering you the highest quality reclaimed wood you can find today. There’s nothing phony or affected about us. Just real, hard working people supplying our customers with real, beautiful reclaimed antique lumber.


Join today for the our latest project highlights, inventory updates, industry news and tips from our professionals. Plus, we tell a darn-good story!