Have old wood? Tell us about it.

In the world of woodworking and sustainable construction, there is a growing appreciation for the beauty and character of reclaimed lumber.

Jarmak Reclaimed Wood is a prominent buyer of reclaimed wood. Located in Oxford, Massachusetts, we are dedicated to preserving history and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Preserving History

Jarmak Reclaimed Wood understands the historical significance and cultural value of reclaimed lumber. We seek out wood from buildings with rich histories, such as historic homes, factories, and warehouses.

By salvaging wood from these structures, Jarmak Reclaimed Wood plays a crucial role in preserving the legacy and character of our architectural heritage. Each piece of reclaimed wood we acquire comes with a story, providing a real connection to the past for those who appreciate history. 

Old Barns: A Rich Source of Reclaimed Lumber

Old barns are a treasure trove of reclaimed lumber, harboring decades, and sometimes even centuries, of history. Jarmak Reclaimed Wood recognizes the value of these structures and actively seeks out barns that are no longer in use. We carefully dismantle the barn, salvaging the wood for repurposing in new projects and preserving it’s legacy.

Tearing down a barn, farmhouse or other historic building? Tell us about it, and we just might be interested! 

* We reserve the right to reject any offers to buy wood.