We’re looking out for our future generations, one story at a time.

Today, over 30,000 trees will be cut down in America alone, reducing our planet’s ability to absorb and process the  of huge amounts of carbon released into our atmosphere. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of construction debris and so called “waste” will be dumped into landfills across our nation… but with your help, the Jarmak Corporation can help reduce the detrimental effect excessive logging has on our communities and the environment. We’re joining forces with like-minded architects, builders, designers and homeowners the world over to change the way we think about building for the future.  We understand that this change can’t happen overnight, and we don’t expect to be able to do this alone.  It takes hard work, determination, and foresight. Luckily, those just happen to be our strengths!

It was nearly twenty years ago when the founder or our company, Arnie Jarmak had a vision. Working with the Amish building communities in Pennsylvania, he noticed how they saved EVERYTHING when tearing down their buildings. The concept of material reuse was particularly foreign to the building industry at the time (outside of the Amish), but to Arnie, it made all the sense in the world. Saving building materials meant saving time and money. Since then, the Jarmak Corporation has been at the forefront of the reclamation industry. We have saved millions of board feet of vintage, and often historic lumber to share with our customers, ensuring that the legacy of this beautiful old wood will continue for generations to come . We are passionate about our work and our products, because selling reclaimed wood is not our job, it’s our way of life.

So…. here’s how YOU can join us in reducing the world’s carbon footprint and spec our premium reclaimed wood products:Give us a call at 617.548.1829, e-mail, or visit us online today to find out what reclaimedrecycled, and salvaged wood products the Jarmak Corporation can provide for your next building project. We’d love to hear from you! Just want to say hello? That’s fine too, you can also connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out the latest information and happenings in the reclaimed lumber industry.