Jarmak Corporation Terms + Conditions

Thank you for choosing premium quality reclaimed wood products from the Jarmak Corporation. Please read the following terms and conditions regarding the purchase and sale of our fine products.

The Nature of Reclaimed WoodIMG_20131018_133952

Reclaimed wood is a natural material that will exhibit variations in appearance and composition. Unlike new wood, reclaimed wood typically shows unique aspects of character that add beauty and distinction to the material. We make every effort to supply product samples that accurately represent the final product. However, due to the inherent nature of reclaimed wood, our samples may or may not contain the full range of variation present in the final product. Reclaimed lumber is unique in every way. Jarmak Corporation’s premium reclaimed wood products will show prior use and character (unless specified otherwise), which can include fastener holes, oxidation, insect bore holes, mineral staining, loose or missing knots and seasoning checks. Products sold “as is” may also contain nails and other metal fasteners and show signs of wane, weathering, movement and dimensional inconsistency.

Payment Terms
For orders less than $10,000, the full payment is due upon receipt of invoice. For orders greater than $10,000, a 50% down payment is due upon receipt of invoice, with the remaining 50% due upon completion of the order. We will contact you when your order is complete. No orders will be shipped until full payment is received. Jarmak Corporation accepts payment via cash, cashiers check / money order.

Truckload of Maple FlooringShipping and Custody
Jarmak Corporation ships product FOB from Oxford, MA and Willow Street, PA using common freight carriers. Once the product is shipped, ownership transfers from Jarmak Corporation to the buyer. The product is considered shipped once it is either:

  1. Released to a carrier, such as Yellow Freight, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.
  2. Picked up by the buyer, or an agent of the buyer, directly from Jarmak Corporation facilities or partner facilities.
  3. Stored temporarily for the buyer and “shipped to storage” at one of Jarmak Corporation facilities or partner facilities.

Product Acceptance
From the date the product is shipped (including “shipped to storage”), the buyer has 15 days to inspect the product. If you think your product has been damaged due to shipping and/or handling issues, please be sure to note them on the Bill of Lading provided by the carrier at the time of delivery. In the event the buyer feels the product does not conform to specification, the buyer must notify Jarmak Corporation in writing of any discrepancies within the 15-day inspection period.

This notification can be Emailed to info@ or faxed to our office at 617.884.5120.

Notifications must clearly indicate in what way(s) the product does not conform to specification. Please include photographs to illustrate the discrepancy. Once Jarmak Corporation receives the notification, we will promptly contact the buyer to resolve the issue. Jarmak Corporation will not accept return of any material that conforms to specification.

Product Installation

Jarmak Corporation assumes no responsibility for installation issues or problems. The buyer accepts full responsibility for all installation related issues, including costs associated with lost labor, removal labor, reinstallation labor and/or additional materials. Installation issues can result from a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to properly inspect and reject material prior to installation.
  • Failure to properly install products as recommended.
  • Failure to follow National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) installation and maintenance guidelines for hardwood floors.
  • Failure to use a licensed installer.