This wood tells a story. Over 100 years ago, Lewis Hine captured this photograph of a child working in a textile mill in western Massachusetts. America was booming, with factories and mills like this producing the goods that would drive our economy for the next several generations. It was tiresome work, that demanded long hours and steady movement. The buildings that housed these workers were enormous and filled to the brim with heavy, humming machinery. Today, the workers are gone. The machinery? Yep, that’s gone too. But one thing remains: the wood.

Actor James Woods stopped in to pick up some lumber for an upcoming
project and posed with Jarmak Corporation employees Carlos and Luis.

Today, mills like this are being demolished all over the Northeast. The industries that supported them have all but vanished.

At the Jarmak Corporation, we believe the legacy of these old growth timbers, most of which are anywhere from 200-500 years old can live on in the new America. They can be saved, recycled and repurposed to fit into our modern lifestyle. We believe the story of this wood can be retold in our homes and our workspaces. And it’s legacy will last for generations to come. We’re reclaiming the past, to ensure it’s legacy will live for generations to come.

Won’t you join us in reducing the world’s carbon footprint and choose sustainable, premium reclaimed lumber from The Jarmak Corporation?