A few weeks ago, Rockfish opened it’s doors for the first time… with dramatic and stylish interior looks and a feel that blew people away! A few months ago, we supplied South Mountain Company with stunning antique wood for the vaulted ceiling of a posh Island residence that we highlighted in a previous issue of our e-news.

“The reclaimed stock we used on the ceiling and the heart pine beams that you supplied were a big part of the transformation of this restaurant.Thanks again!”

 -Bruce Stewart, Custom Builder and Island Master Craftsman

Rewind to last summer, when the Jarmak Corporation was busy saving all those beautiful Native New England Softwood planks and timbers from the original Edgartown Schoolhouse that graduated it’s first students in the mid 1920’s. Meanwhile, in Worcester we reclaimed thousands of feet of antique, original surface Hemlock from a turn of the century victorian icon, Odd Fellows.
The wood we saved sure didn’t have to travel far… and that’s just the way we like it!
ab6bbd37-cef6-4d73-bac8-55780ba09510Rockfish is the former home of Eleven North and David Ryan’s restaurants in Edgartown, Massachusetts. While the address is the same, the place is most certainly not- every interior space of the building has been noticeably and exquisitely transformed. Downstairs, the bar has been rebuilt out of salvaged whiskey barrel staves and brought into focus in the center of the room. Upstairs, the newly vaulted ceiling features our reclaimed heart pine beams, and reclaimed Native New England Softwood planking recovered from the Odd Fellows building.

Working closely with John Roberts of Island Food Realty, LLC, and Island craftsmen Bruce Stewart and Alex Young, we supplied beautiful and historic reclaimed wood that was sourced within 100 miles of the freshly renovated building.

Sensible, sustainable, and just plain smart.