Jarmak Corporation reclaims timbers from historic Dainty Dot Hosiery building .

Just a few weeks ago we began a project right smack in downtown Boston. To the locals, it was the Dainty Dot- built after the great fire of 1872. This 140 year old building (shunned from the national historic registry because of a large portion that was removed in the 50’s) is one of the few remaining architectural links to Boston’s industrial past. The story of the Dainty Dot Building has come to an end, but it’s legacy will live on in the wood we are reclaiming. Jarmak Corporation will be salvaging dense grain heart pine,with deep roots in classic New England craftmanship and will no doubt make any project glow with it’s warmth and character.This is premium quality antique lumber, some say the finest reclaimed heart pine in the country!

 Call us today or visit us online  to claim your piece of Boston’s storied industrial past before it’s all gone!