antique heart pine cvg

Let us create a beautiful, long lasting custom floor from our premium quality old- growth antique heart pine timbers. Choosing to use high quality reclaimed flooring takes thoughtful consideration. Contact us today to discuss your reclaimed flooring needs with one of our reclaimed lumber professionals. We’ll explain step by step the best way to get the right reclaimed floor for you!


We keep a large inventory of reclaimed lumber, timbers, decking and flooring from USA city floors all over to meet the immediate needs of our buyers. We are constantly keeping up to date on table saw reviews and other industry advancements, we don’t ever want to fall behind on the times. Our inventory is constantly being updated with many original and old growth native hardwood and softwood species. If you don’t see what you’re looking for today, contact us for the latest additions.

The Jarmak Corporation obtains  wood through various sources, typically in the Northeast, including urban and rural deconstruction of historic structures. We carry out the fine hand deconstruction, or work in close conjunction with the deconstruction company to obtain our valuable vintage wood. The material is then taken to our lumber yard, where it is sorted, graded, de-nailed, and in many cases milled into a finished product.

We provide reclaimed lumber for a broad range of customers and construction projects, from sustainable office building renovations, to environmentally friendly residential remodels, sustainable LEED builders and designers as well as wholesale lumber dealers. We consult with our clients on the best use of reclaimed wood, not only as a sustainable building material, but also as high quality lumber for unique design applications. We are interested in furthering the use of reclaimed wood as a sustainable building material, and we enjoy finding new and innovative uses for this unique recycled building material.

Call us today to find out what reclaimed wood product is right for you.