adirondack spruce boards


Adirondack Spruce
New England Spruce

The Jarmak Corporation, along with our sister company Antique Lumber, are proud to offer some of the finest and most prized reclaimed New England Spruce recovered from aging industrial buildings. We have saved tens of thousands of feet of original, antique surface 3×8, 3×10, and 3×12 timbers that have spent the last 125 years of their life as structural joists, overseeing the rise and fall of America’s Industrial era.

Maturing for some 300-500 years, the lightweight and incredibly strong spruce timbers originally grew in the nearby Adirondack Mountains, and were harvested around the turn of the last century for use in industrial construction. Spruce is also an excellent tone wood, and is used by many higher-end acoustic guitar and violin manufacturers. We offer this material in a variety of thicknesses and widths to suit all your building needs.

Reclaimed New England Spruce is so versatile- it brings warmth, character, and style to your walls, floors, or ceilings. Call us today to order samples and get a quote!