We are constantly getting in new reclaimed inventory. Call or email for more details.

Reclaimed wood flooring

Our premium reclaimed wood flooring comes in a variety surfacing options, thicknesses, and widths to suit all your building needs.

Reclaimed Timber

We reclaim timber from all over New England. This timber is old growth lumber that is suitable for all your timber needs!

Reclaimed posts And Beams

We reclaim posts and joists from New England factories and mills. This material is old growth lumber that can be used for many projects, including support beams, posts, mantels and more!

Reclaimed Barnboard

We provide reclaimed lumber for a broad range of customers and construction projects, from sustainable office building renovations, to environmentally responsible residential remodels.

Wholesale Inquiries: Please call 617.548.1829 or email arnie@jarmakwood.com

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Heart Pine