This summer, we have started our reclaimation of over 100,000 bd. ft. of premium antique heart pine timbers at the site of one of Fitchburg, MA most storied buildings, the Johnsonia. Sadly, this turn of the last century beauty is being demolished…but it’s legacy will live on in the form of reclaimed wood flooring and furniture hand-crafted by our fine Amish sawyers. These southern yellow pine timbers are dense grain with a super tight ring growth, original circle-saw marks, and a wonderfully aged patina. Flooring manufacturers and furniture makers will rejoice- old wood is good wood, no doubt!

Here’s a brief history of the building (images and text courtesy of

“Excavation of the Iver Johnson Building began in 1896 by Terrell & French of Fitchburg, but the building was not completed until 1898. The Iver Johnson Building, one of the largest buildings in the city, became the pride of the Fitchburg and Worcester County. It was built of Indiana Sandstone in an Italian Renaissance style, which was one of many architectural revival styles during the late 1800’s. Its uppermost rounded windows and the Roman brick fretwork evidence the Renaissance details.

Careful and thoughtful design produced one of the most modern, sophisticated office, store, and hotel buildings of its time. Noise-proof floors were constructed by laying cement under the flooring. Two light shafts along the main corridors provided bright light and ventilation. Marble and green-glazed tiles lined the walls and ceiling of the main entrance. Suites were located on the 3rd and 4th floors, and they were beautifully designed. Ornate oak and tile fireplaces were built into a few of the apartments. The upstairs hotel dining rooms were luxurious. Furnishing included rose armure brocade-draped windows, Turkish rugs on gleaming wooden floors, and rococo frescoes in the main hall. Throughout, quartered oak trim was used.”

I don’t even have to say it, but I will: the wood coming off this job is just amazing. Great color, great character and a radiating warmth from it’s original, antique face. You’ve never seen antique heart pine like this before, it will make you next project shine- and your clients glow with pride! The Johnsonia Building is a stand out example of craftsmasnship from a bygone era- why not let the legacy of this wood live on in your next project? All of our wood has a story to tell, give us a call today and tell us your story!