Reclaimed + Repurposed.  

America’s oldest private bank shares the history of iconic Boston Harbor on it’s walls.

When precision and quality counts just as much as prestige, architects, designers and builders turn to premium reclaimed lumber from the Jarmak Corporation. Our line of reclaimed Boston Harbor Oak products are making a splash with local businesses, like the prestigious investment firm Brown Brothers Harriman. Looking to revamp their downtown office spaces with sustainable, locally harvested materials, BBH was drawn to the historical significance, elegance and character of our reclaimed Boston Tea Party Oak.reclaimed wood wall paneling


Reclaimed Boston Harbor Oak

Over 100 years ago this wood served as a footing to hold up the bustling port of Boston, not far from the site of the original Boston Tea Party. Now, it adorns the walls of one of America’s oldest , largest and most prestigious companies. The process of drying and remilling the oak pilings into a newly usable product is one that takes place over many years, and creates a one of a kind finished product.

Boston Tea Party Oak is reminiscent of a different time along Boston’s waterfront, when magnificent wooden sailing ships from all corners of the globe tied up there, and horse drawn carriages carted goods along the wooden piers… From the water to the walls, the process of repurposing these antique oak pilings is one over two centuries in the making.